How To Make Money From Cryptocurrency As A Beginner in 2024?



Millions of beginners around the globe are trying their best to make money from cryptocurrency in 2024. Cryptocurrencies have come a long way, and have joined traditional assets like gold and oil in the race to become the most profitable investment medium in the world. However, there are lots of things the crypto market still needs to improve in order to become a perfect investment medium for its investors. In this article, we will discuss some of the best methods through which beginners can make money from cryptocurrency in 2024.

1.  Buy From Presales

First movers always make the most profit in every field, and cryptocurrency is no different. You can make a lot of money by buying cryptocurrency assets from presales. You just have to learn how to differentiate between a potentially good and bad cryptocurrency asset before it is launched into the market. You can use platforms like CryptoGrab to learn more. For reference, BNB started at $0.11 per coin. According to the latest price of BNB, early investors have gained around 6000% in profits.

However, if you are looking to invest in established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, you can no longer enjoy the first mover benefit. However, there are lots of other cryptocurrencies being launched into the market every day which you can benefit from. Do proper research and keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the crypto market to sieze the perfect opportunity.

2.  Try Crypto Games

Individuals who want to benefit from the crypto market without any investment can try play to earn cryptocurrency games. There are lots of new games being launched into the market which pay you in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs when you complete certain tasks within the game. Blockchain based games are well known to provide their players with different types of cryptocurrencies which can be sold for fiat money.

3.  Crypto Arbitrage

Crypto arbitrage is one of the best and risk free ways of making money from cryprocurrencies in 2024. In crypto arbitrage, traders buy cryptocurrencies from one exchange, and sell them on another exchange for slightly high price. Difference in demand and supply of cryptocurrencies across different crypto exchanges is the main reason behind price differences, and this gives rise to crypto arbitrage. Crypto arbitrage is a risk-free trading strategy if you keep an eye on transaction fees and execute your trades quickly.

4.  Long Term Investing

Long term investing is the traditional method of making money with cryptocurrencies. In this method, you simply buy a cryptocurrency at spot price, and keep it in your wallet for long enough. Once the price of that cryptocurrency appreciates in the long run, you can sell it and make a profit. The problem with long term investing is that it takes a lot of time, and due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, it does not guarantee considerable returns.


We can conclude that making money from cryptocurrency is easier when compared to its traditional alternatives like gold and oil. You can easily make a living with cryptocurrency trading with the right knowledge. However, the risk of losing money in crypto trading is greater as compared to other types of trading as well.

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